Customized Design

We are more than pleased to customise and manufacture a design for the client to enable a perfect fit to their system requirements. This can be a modification based on one of our existing designs or one could be developed for the client from scratch.

Due to a lack of worldwide standard for the small wind turbine industry, most manufacturers have customised their own wind turbine resulting in numerous designs out there which no one standard PMG out there which will suit the majority of them. One of our specialities is the design and manufacture of PMGs for wind turbine manufacturers while maintaining and protecting the client's confidential intellectual property rights.

The following are 2 common collaboration processes:

Method 1:

PM and Client sign NDA → Client provides PM with requirements → PM designs products and makes sample →

┎→ if satisfied → PM starts mass production
Client tests sample →┃
┖→ if unsatisfied → PM redesigns and make further samples until Client is satisfied and mass production follows

Method 2:

PM and Client sign NDA → Client provides PM with design and specifications → PM makes sample for Client → if products meet specifications, PM start mass production.