• How Permanent Magnet Generators Work?

    Permanent magnet generators are superior alternatives to traditional induction motors that can be coupled with turbines, diesel generators and used for hybrid vehicles. One of the biggest benefits of permanent magnet generators is that these do not require definite environmental conditions to work properly which allows them to be used for wind energy and water energy projects. Permanent magnet generators are relatively easy to set up and these are also small in size which further adds to the mobility and helps in saving space in a place where these are installed.

    At the core of the working mechanism of PM generators are powerful magnets. When the magnets rotate around conducting wires, it creates electricity which is sufficient for usage in anything from a small home to a large power plant. The powerful magnets in the standard PM generators are able to run for more than 25 years. The magnets used in these generators are specially constructed and certified for long term usage and once installed can work for years without needing replacement.

    Benefits of Using Permanent Magnet Generator

    With the rising cost of electricity, more and more people are looking for alternative sources of energy and permanent magnet generators fit the bill perfectly. These generators can also reduce the strain on the environment as these do not use any non-renewable sources of energy for producing electricity when coupled with renewable sources. Also, there is no harmful waste material production from the use of PM generators. Environment experts recommend the use of permanent magnet generators as these can reduce the impact of pollution by up to 50%.

    Permanent Magnet Generators are Highly Durable

    Once you install a permanent magnet generator, you can expect years of dependable service from these machines. The sealed construction of these generators also makes them ideal for usage in harsh environments that contain dust, grit and heat. But owners must make sure that the generators are properly manufactured, balanced and varnished. Now that you know how PM generators work, you can find a reliable supplier at