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Since its founding in 2008, PMG Technologies, has developed and introduced numerous disruptive innovations for variety of applications and industries. Under the patronage, and in presence of Dr. Gurmit Singh (see: www.gurmitsingh.net), we have displayed technological excellence, excellence is defined as the state, quality, or condition of excelling; superiority, with excel being defined as to be better than; surpass--to surpass or do better than others. Two fundamental sets of roles and capabilities must be considered as we pursue technical excellence: (1) Personal accountability whereby each individual must understand and believe that he or she is responsible for the success of the Agency's mission and (2) Orgaltizational responsibility to provide the proper training, tools, and environment.

Be Part of Our Technical Excellence

PMG Technologies is a technology driven end-product oriented company that is proud of its track record for innovation.

Due to the rapidly expanding technology and science, engineers and technologists in the 21st century must have a strong technical background in their field and understand technology at the interface between traditional fields. They must be creative, skilled problem solvers who can think critically using sound principles and concepts.

PMG Technologies currently designs, develops and manufactures products for the aerospace, automotive, defense, energy, food, HVAC, industrial equipment, medical, marine, power generation, semiconductor, water and waste water industries. Its technology is being used in applications such as gas turbines, precision lasers, turbo expanders, electrically-assisted turbochargers, blood pumps and air and gas compressors. PMG’s customers are often large global organizations seeking innovative and highly efficient product enhancements or new products altogether.